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Parker Y. Yobei
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Executive Director

I have been with the Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture since 2006 as an Arts Coordinator II. I was tasked for the performing arts, arts in education, festivals before I was promoted to Executive Director in Sept. 2016 to manage the council’s operation and programs. I am also a self-thought artist who has been performing professionally since 1997. Art is my passion and with the whole team of hard working staff at the council we will be able to continue to improve, expand, our services to all our artists, our community, and our partners to effectively Promote, Preserve, and Perpetuate our indigenous and diverse cultures in the CNMI.

Margaret R. Muña – Abick
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Federal Program Coordinator/Accountant IV

Managing and Monitoring overall Finance and Accounting operation both local and federal. Financial audit and reporting , Includes daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting for the Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture (CCAC). Committe Member for the Festival of the Pacific Arts. - "FESTPAC".

John S. Castro - Mamis
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Canoe Program Coordinator

 Program Coordinator for the Seafaring Traditional Program under the Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture.  Knowledge about Micronesian Natural Environment and cultural history, field work relating to cultural resources management and laboratory in fisheries management in data collection. Practices of traditional cultural knowledge.

Antonio Piailug
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Program Specialist

Master Canoe Carver and a Master Navigator for the Canoe Program Oversees all duties under seafaring program in building and carving of  a canoe on the Job site, and does lectures on how to build Canoes to all interested individuals.  Managing and Protecting our Cultural history. Antonio is the son of master navigator Mau Piailug. Antonio was a master navigator for Guam Seafaring Program TASA. Currently the instructor for Seafaring Tradition Program under the Commonwealth Counsil for Arts and Culture (CCAC).

Francisco Deleon Guerrero
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Visual Arts Coordinator

Graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelors in Art History. Artist specializing in photography.
"Being a part of the CCAC team is something special to me because I have the opportunity to work with my fellow artisans and to help grow the arts community here in the CNMI."


Erica Trinidad
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Administrative Assistant
December 2011 - Present

Oversee receptionists area, including greeting visitors/guests and responding to telephone and in-person requests for information.  Coordinated inventory orders, office supplies and travel arrangements, schedule and coordinate meetings, appointments for supervisors/directors, work cloesly with the Accountant to meet monthly deadlines. Dedicated and focused Adminstrative Assistant who achieves at prioritizing, completing multiple tasks simultaneously and following through to achieve project goals.

 Sepe Gloriana M. Teuira
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Folk Arts Coordinator
June 3, 2013 - Present

Develop goals for the Folk Arts Program in coordination with the CCAC Director.  Plan and implement programs to meet the goals.  Plan and implement professional development activities for the Folk Arts Program with the Public and Privates schools.  Solicit with both government and private organizations to obtain sponsorship for activities and goals of CCAC under the concurrence of the Executive Director.  Integrate activity by information through Media and the radio stations.  Plan and collaborate with both the Government and Private Agencies to implement events for the community with special attention on activities that would embrace and educate the community.  Performs other duties as assigned. 

 Feofaaki “Fay” McMahon
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Traditional Arts Coordinator

I’ve been working with the Arts Council since 2013. Graduated from NMC with an AA in Liberal Arts, and some credits in Business Management. As an Arts Coordinator, I coordinate activities and events for our registered artists to expose and give them opportunities to sell their artworks. Also, to collaborate with other government agencies and private sectors to include our artists in their annual events.


 Lucinda R. Selepeo
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Performing Arts Coordinator
April 1, 2018 – present

Develop goals for Performing Arts and Festival Programs in coordination with the CCAC Executive Director and staff. Implement performing arts and festival programs to meet identified goals. Plan, implement and evaluate program activities to meet goals. Negotiates with and solicit with governmental agencies/private organizations to obtain sponsorships for activities and goals of CCAC. Plan, implement and evaluate professional development activities for performing artists. Integrates activity information for news release with Public Information Officer. Plan and coordinate and collaborate with agencies to implement performing events for the community with special attention to providing extension on activities to educational. Perform other related duties assigned.

Gregorio M. Perez
Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture
Trades Helper

Assist the Canoe Coordinator and Specialist on the construction and building of the Hut and the Canoe. Participates and assist on all the CCAC programs and festivals. Manages and maintains supplies,equipment and materials to ensure they are accounted for, stored properly/secured and in clean and working conditions.


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