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N.E.A.(National Endowment for the Arts) Recovery Grant for CNMI is still ongoing. Please send all applications to or call him at (670) 287-4585 for more information. [DONWLOAD FORM]


Realizing that the arts play a significant role in advancing education, community and cultural pride and enrichment, economic develop creativity, the Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture (CCAC) will serve to develop and foster programs that promote excellence in the arts, promote and utilize our diverse artistic and cultural resources, provide quality arts experiences for our citizens and opportunities for artists, and promote and perpetuate the unique folk heritage of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI).


To address its mission, the CCAC has adopted the following goals:
I. Increase support for CNMI artists of all mediums
II. Improve exhibiting program and facilities, including the development of galleries on
all Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, and a permanent event site
III. Ensure that the folk arts of the CNMI thrive
IV. Ensure that the arts play an important role in the life of the entire community
V. Support arts in education in the duration of the entire school-life of our students
VI. Ensure accessibility to arts programs for people of all abilities
VII. Support traditional canoe and navigation programs
VIII. Ensure accessibility by underserved communities to arts programs



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